Everybody Teaches, Everybody Learns

Developing musicianship, confidence, and a life long love for singing in our children, OYC teachers model continued learning and excellence in the classroom and beyond. Our teachers even go to school on Saturdays, recently attending NCAKE’s Kodaly workshop on world music with Chistopher Roberts, and NCAOSA’s day of Orff based music and movement with Beth Melin Nelson. Attending teachers found the days inspiring and are excited to bring the activities and concepts to their classes. “This workshop provided awesome resources and activities that I will definitely be using. I very much liked the way that he outlined the structure of a listening lesson, providing the different kinds of activities you can do within a listening lesson. I also like how he explained some accommodations that can be made during the activities for different students’ behaviors,” said Sid Quinsaat. Ja’Mell Fairley also appreciated the listening lesson, which “really gives students a chance to exercise your musical ears to sounds they’re not used to hearing. ”

“Continued learning by our teachers brings exciting new ideas, inspiration and resources to our programs, expanding our success with students at different stages of development and with a variety of learning styles,” said Executive Director (and Miracle teacher) Keri Butkevich. “We want our students to find that spark that keeps them learning throughout their lifetimes, and our teaching staff embodies that spirit. Plus, it’s so much fun to play the games, dance to stories, and sing the songs with music educators from around the country – it puts us in the mindset of our students and lets us reconnect with their sense of wonder and joy.”

We look forward to updating you on how these workshops are being used in the classroom and sharing our students’ learning with you this year!photo 1


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